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Aclys - Helduntergang DE)

Aclys- Liedergeburt DE)

After their well rewieved debut 7", this band shows its talent on this terrific follow-up. A full length that is going to win even more people over; 12 songs of metallic emo in their highly innovative own style, which will blow you away. This is pure and fast Bre-men-style HC, mixed with metallic riffs and melodic undertones. Technical breaks, a thundering double-bass and screamed poetic lyrics make this a must for anyone in-terested in the new-school german hc.

"Liedergeburt" is the highly anticipated 2nd ACLYS full-length. ACLYS' music became known Europe-wide and was well appreciated as highly innovative and technical new-school hardcore, which later got titled as metalcore. You'll get 10 highly intense, fast and energy bursting metalcore songs with a desperate emotional element. Screamed vocals, highly acclaimed technical guitar/bass and drum work. As a German band ACLYS always write their lyrics in German. For this they reach a lyrical quality which is considered poetry among native German speakers. On top "liedergeburt" shows a fat and great production.

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Mass Genocide Process/Dreschflegel (CZ/AT)

Chispa - Obstinator (DE)
Mass Genocide Process: HC/Crustcore from Czech Republic
Dreschflegel: Powerviolence/Thrashcore from Austria - some members play in Ruidosa Inmundicia now.


Rising from the ashes of Loxiran, Chispa go for more of a chaotic and crazy approach, not unlike certain bands from the San Diego area. Make sure to listen these guys closely because they kept up the spirit of the northhardcore. [words written by Per Koro records] Pictures of lyrics & layout are included.


Lebensreform - Licht + Luft + Leben (DE)

Narsaak - Valta (DE)

Lebensreform (also "X Lebensreform X", they were sxe) from Hamburg was alive between 1996 and 1998. Guitarist Mark and drummer Christian were from the band Better tooth organisation; their first bassist Niells would later be the singer of Linsay. In 1997 he was replaced with Dennis, guitarist of Loxiran. They created an agressive mix of chaotic hardcore-punk and screamo.


Vatra was released by Per Koro in 1997 and consists of three songs of dark, metallic emotional and crusty hardcore with rough vocals reminding the ferocious heavy crust of His Hero is Gone, though it's mistake to say "they sound like HHIG" since Narsaak existed before HHIG


Linsay Killed Enfold - Split (DE)

Words That Burn - Profits Of The Christ

This 7'' has 5 tracks of great heavy and solid crust-punk in the vein of early Profane Existence releases (yep, i mean the 90's, mate) even if "profits..." released somewhere in 2004.The guitars are thick and they have something like an intro that reminds me a lot the greek hardcore / crust scene of the 90's in greece, bands like Chaotic end or Forgotten prophecy comes in mind. Think something between Amebix and Nausea. Strong, thick and mid-tempo.


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Blindspot A.D. - Knowledge vs fear (DE)

Diavolo Rosso - Never Follow...(DE)

After 8 years struggling in the German underground and releasing a couple of tapes, CDR´s, compilation-tracks, split 7“s and an outstanding 7“ep entitled „pain is not the cleanser“ – it was worth waiting for the debut full-length of this south German grind-force!!! BLINDSPOT A.D. improved within the last years and has found a unique heavy sound hardly comparable to any other band. The mixture makes this 37 minutes lasting mayhem so special: Intense chaotic hardcore elements team up with sheer death metal brutality - dark emotional melodies collapse with blasting grindcore.

The debut CD of those men from Karlsruhe/Mannheim-area. They formed in  German at ΄96, with a short break, now they're back in the lineup of the "legendary" Demo Tape and recorded these 14 tracks of thrashy, melodic, pissed off rocking HC/PUNK with political, personal, cynical lyrics. Crushing artwork, real good studio recording, and guided by the spirit of the 80-ies, but dusted-off! So do yourself a favor and swallow this pill of raging HC/PUNK!


Shot Point Blank - Heart of disbeliever (AT)

Provoked - Prepare for the cold (USA)

Heavy hardcore with nice voices...the sound is very similar to bands like Promise, Madball & Hatebreed. The slow and mid-tempo parts, the nonstop lyrics and at last the heavy guitars with many melodic parts compose a very good album with energy and passion


After nearly 2 years' hiatus from any new recordings, Minneapolis monsters of d-beat crust PROVOKED are back with a vengeance! Picking up where their Infant in the Womb of Warfare LP left off, they return with ten powerful new tracks which clearly highlight their style of mixing classic d-beat thrash, monstrously powerful crust, and just the right amount of metallic guitar riffage


Target Nevada - No, we don't want to play your shitty fest (USA)

Nailbiter - Abuse (SWE)

Target Nevada, with No, We Don't Want To Play Your Shitty Fest, actually provides around 30 minutes of music in nine songs, and they're pretty enjoyable. The songs are built around mid-paced tempos, thick and crunchy guitar riffs and painfully throaty screams. The songs are straightforward, void of clean singing and persistently intense. But there are modern touches, such as dissonant chords and layers of guitar melodies, which exhibit the band's versatility and add depth. No, We Don't Want To Play Your Shitty Fest has a number of things going for it. The consistent energy, in-your-face attitude, tasteful instrumental layering and melodies, and vibrant artwork all give the album unique character.

Brutal yet intricate Scandinavian meets Japanese styled hardcore that's based in the UK, with members from Brazil and Italy. Their sound can be broken down into a large dose of DEATHSIDE and ANTI CIMEX with a bit of MOTORHEAD influences, which creates undeniably unique lead filled devastation!! On "Abused" NAILBITER tread the peak of punishing hardcore with an epic burning edge and dementedly harsh vocals, creating an album which stands on its own, while bringing to mind greats of the  past.


Paranoia Keeps Crawling - Made to broken (DE)

Erectus - Civil Disobedience (GR)

HARDCORE. Some of you might remember this band from southern Germany from their split LP with STAGNATION'S END. On this 12 track album the three-piece has increased their brutal and devastating sound, and the title definitely speaks for itself. Dark midtempo hardcore with desperate, gloomy, and atmospheric parts, yet some furious and grind elements, which got fueled with a lot of aggression and compassion, and which  reminds on HIS HERO IS GONE, old NEUROSIS and the typical Bremer sound of the `90s. The mad and throaty vocals with critical lyrics complete the musical side of this release. The Songs were recorded at the famous Ku-schelrock Studio in Bremen - you know how this piece makes your ears bleed! The artwork is outstanding as well. The CD comes in a DVD-Cover and a thick and stylish booklet. This is the apocalyptic sound for people, who tend to say that black is their favorite color. Here you get the real darkness!

3.00e be honest this is not my sound (i prefer old school sweedish death metal...At the gates, Entombed, Dismember) but sincerely i was impressed by the technique side of these guys ... very strong band!!!They were formed in thessaloniki at 1999 and this was their first release which came out in 2002. If you like brutal death check their myspace profile for more details and songs.

John Holmes - El louso suavo (UK)

An awesome British band of dirty/heavy/crusty/sludgy hardcore. They formed in 1998 and this is the debut album (1999) was released by flat earth and devil rock records. They had followed tours with Drop dead , His  hero is gone and Converge...
John Holmes came and went too soon, but word is they are becoming active once again.