Massmord - Inget Liv / Inget Dod (SWE)

Dishammer - Vintage Addiction (ES)

Witch Hunt- Blood Red States (USA)

11 tracks of down tuned and dark Swedish hardcore with lots of piercing guitar leads, brutal bass lines, whirlwind drumming, and dual fe/male trade-off vocals. And even though this might fall under the category of modern melodic crust it's overall much faster than the average bands playing similar styles. Think Wolfbrigade and To What End? Mixed with some From Ashes Rise and Kylesa.


A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory & GBH are being blasted in the background! Played by members from other established underground bands.

After a move to Philadelphia and bolstering their sound with a second guitar, WITCH HUNT offer up their second full length release on Profane Existence. Ten anger-packed tracks, each taking a stab at the current repressive social and political climate.Musically they build on their previous sound, combining elements of traditional anarcho punk with more modern crust, and male/ female vocals. The most noticable difference is the much more powerful sound, likened to TRAGEDY and FROM ASHES RISE, achieved by Rob moving from drums to second guitar and adding a new drummer.


Tuomiopaivan Lapset - 2x CD discography (FIN)

Migro Violenta - Holocausto Capitalist (ARG)

Resist And Exist - Music For Social Change (USA)

TUMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET which means "Children of doomsday" was a Finnish punk band which existed from 1991 - 1998. This 2xCD discography includes eps and compilation tracks from 1991 to 2003. The quality of the songs range from very cool to kinda crappy. In my opinion the best songs are from their 1998 `Painukaa vituun´ 2xep and the `Vastusta tai paneke´ ep from 1999. Fast and pissed hardcorepunk (and in this period) with a woman singing. These songs shred. The other containing EPs are scandi-crust styled Punk with different male shouters.


With eighteen tracks in just as many minutes, this is breakneck hardcore in a style that falls somewhere between DROPDEAD and LOS CRUDOS. MIGRA VIOLENTA are from Argentina and this is just the latest in a long series of mind-blowing releases around the world. All of the lyrics are extremely political and bluntly to the point (English translations are provided) and are screamed with the utmost of urgency. This is cutteing edge, pissed-off, punk rock that certainly pushed the boundaries in more ways than one!


Resist and Exist is an anarchist crust punk band from the Orange County area. They approach the classic anarchist peace punk themes of animal liberation, feminism, and ending war, though with a more thrash metal influence than one might expect. Since their start, they have been involved in a variety of campaigns to organize people to engage in political protests. They also are often involved with putting on benefits and raising money for political prisoners and causes.


Faithreat - Back To The Pit (GR)

Allochiria - Omonoia (GR)

Terror Detonator (GR)

A tiny cross over gem has been thrown into our laps. These guys from Greece follow a couple of simple rules, but do so amazingly efficiently. Having a DRI backbone, they seem to have limbs made out of Suicidal Tendencies, Excel and old Slayer influences. It gives the band the body it needs. All songs are played at lightning fast speed with plenty of mosh parts, enough to get a decent pit going.


The time has come for another astonishing post metal/sludge album to be released. The female fronted band from Athens is yet to be compared with Cult Of Luna, Amenra and Isis and even our personal favorites Sun Of Nothing. A great release in the dawn of 2014.

Η μπάντα κινείται στα παραδοσιακά thrash πλαίσια που όλοι λίγο ή πολύ γνωρίζουμε και γουστάρουμε, μουσικά και στιχουργικά. Το CD περιέχει μερικά πολύ καλά τραγούδια όπως τα Traitors, Wreck (το οποίο είναι και κατά την άποψη μας το κορυφαίο στο CD) και το Slay. Ο τίτλος του Beer Drinker θυμίζει μεν Tankard αλλά η μουσική Sodom περιόδου Agent Orange.
Το CD διατίθεται επισης κατευθείαν από την μπάντα με μόνη επιβάρυνση τα ταχυδρομικά έξοδα είτε να τους δεί σε κάποιο live.

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Straitjacket Fit - Lies (GR)

Earth of Distrust - Proselytize (GR)

Earth of Distrust - Victimology (GR)

Οι "Straitjacket Fit" δημιουργήθηκαν στην Πάτρα το 1999. Τα μέλη τους υπήρξαν παλιότερα σε συγκροτήματα όπως "Δεν Μ' Αγαπάς Πια", "Picmans Model" και "Ντάλτονς". 'Εχουν παίξει live σε Βέλγιο, Αθήνα, Πάτρα, Βόλο, Καβάλα και Θεσσαλονίκη. Το '06 κυκλοφόρησαν τη πρώτη δουλειά τους, το d.i.y. cd με τίτλο "#O" με κομμάτια από τη περίοδο '99-'05. Συμμετείχαν στις d.i.y. συλλογές "Σπέρμα #3" το '05, "Διατάραξη Κοινής Συνείδησης" το '06 και "Μελωδία Της Οργής" το '07. Τέλη Νοέμβρη του '09 κυκλοφόρησε το δεύτερο diy cd τους με τίτλο "Lies".


A release of 2012, the debut of “Earth of Distrust”. With the experience gained from their first demo “I am sin” the band created their first declaration of 8 tracks. With tracks lasting from 2 up to 12 minutes this album keeps your instincts active due to the continuous flow of ideas.

Both albums of the band are available in a 2-CD bundle for:

The post-hardcore/sludge band from Athens released their second album the winter of 2013. As the band declares we must prepare ourselves for the coldest winter ever. Continuing the release of “Proselytize” of 2010, “Victimology” comes with a throttling sound consisting of 6 tracks (1 in Greek).
The album closes with a cover of Disrupt’s “A Life’s a Lie”.

Both albums of the band are available in a 2-CD bundle for:


Hedvika - The Evidence Of Absence (GR)

For What Is Worth - Thoughts Are My Enemies (GR)

Unearth - Our Days Of Eulogy (USA)

This is how some punks can transform their post-metal ideas in 5 lengthy compositions. Inferno vocals with pitchy explosions.

We are the stars.

For What Is Worth were formed in April 2002 in Athens, Greece under the name Volume 69. Many shows were given under that name as well as the band’s first gig as a support act. On September of 2002 the bands released its first demo called “Karhore All The Way”. In late 2003 the band started the recording of their debut CD “Evil Will Grow”. Before the recordings finished the band changed their name into For What Is Worth. Since then FWIW have given numerous live shows with accomplished bands such as Born From Pain, Terror, 100 Demons, Murphy’s Law and Shai Hulud, as well as with many bands of the Greek HxC/Metal scene

Our Days of Eulogy is a compilation album by Massachusetts metalcore band Unearth. The first half of the CD contains live recordings while the second half is a collection of songs from their EPs Above the Fall of Man and Endless.


Kill The Cat - Φιλιά στο Χάος (GR)

Los Pasados - Demo 2010 (GR)

9 Shocks Terror - Tour 2009 (USA)

The soundtrack of our lives. Ska punk from Athens. A band laid in history.


Los Pasados is a band formed in Serres-Greece circa November 2010 by a group of friends with much or less common tastes in ideology and music. The band so far has released a four-track demo which was shared free, hand by hand at various gigs.

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